Enterprise Case


The C&E consulting program covers 20 therapeutic areas, and the company's core team has completed 500+ projects. The following are some representative cases of C&E.

Hot spot analysis


2016 will see the transition of the medical consulting industry, including the following three great transition trends. 1. Market promotion of pharmaceutical companies turns from connection ... [ 查看详细回答 ]

Decision making of make and sales cannot do without data flow. The value of big data is that it provides all-sided, deep, objective and rational insight generated through cooperation between... [ 查看详细回答 ]

Guided by government policies, the internet medical care represents the development direction of the medical industry. The internet medical care has achieved explosive growth due to less eff... [ 查看详细回答 ]

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Elite Team


C&E has a flexible, pragmatic, serious, thoughtful and dynamic consulting team. C&E team members are proud of others.

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Cooperative client


Most of our clients are the top 30 foreign pharmaceutical companies. Below is a list of some of the customers we have served.